About EWB @ MSU

General meetings are Mondays at 6:00pm in SUB 266

Our Mission

We seek to empower and educate individuals and communities by implementing community-driven water and sanitation projects at primary schools in Western Kenya’s Khwisero District. The cross cultural interaction that takes place through the collaborative planning and implementation of these projects serves to build capacity in both Kenyan communities and Montana students involved in our projects.

Our ambitious long-term goal is to supply clean, reliable water and effective sanitation facilities to each of the 61 primary schools in Khwisero. Working with school management committees to develop and implement solutions, we provide sustainable solutions to address each school's unique set of challenges and ensure that, upon completion, the community has the ability and buy-in to maintain projects sustainably.

Since 2005, EWB-MSU has implemented eight deep water wells, 11 composting latrines, one biogas latrine, a rainwater catchment system, and a water distribution pipeline. Over the years, we have taken on increasingly complex projects, and made huge strides in developing the long-term partnerships necessary to seeing our effort through.

Who We Are

Engineers Without Borders at Montana State University-Bozeman is a student run chapter of Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA) which works to empower communities through clean water and sanitation projects. EWB-USA is a national non-profit humanitarian organization of engineers and engineering students whose members work on sustainable engineering projects in developing communities. The organization functions around partnerships: each U.S. chapter is paired with a community in a developing country with specific engineering project needs.

Like every EWB-USA chapter, EWB-MSU operates on a volunteer and donation basis; thus, we have very low overhead costs. At the same time, we benefit from the resources and support of the entire national organization.

Our chapter’s specific focus on helping Khwisero establish reliable safe water and sanitation infrastructure requires the work of a diverse group of dedicated members, both students and professionals. Our student members hail from a range of academic disciplines, including film, sociology, geology, biology, as well as all types of engineering and our professional members include MSU faculty and practicing engineers as well as specialists in other fields.

In an effort to have impact closer to home and develop our members’ skills, we have also conducted some work in Montana communities, including a partnership with the Crow Water Quality Project on the Crow Indian Reservation.

How To Get Involved

Given that the vast majority of our work is interdisciplinary, we gladly welcome members from any academic field. Our general meetings are the easiest way to get involved, and are held Mondays at 6 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge of the Strand Union Building on MSU’s campus (the room next to First Interstate Bank).

A variety of additional meetings are held throughout also the week with specific focuses on topics like organizational operation, project planning, financial management, knowledge transfer and fundraising efforts.

Email our secretary at ewbmsu@gmail.com for more information.